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Take control of your health.

Improvements in technology have made it possible for you to now take charge of your health. Information is everywhere and genetic testing is now available for you. You can hack your health and improve the outcomes of your treatments. As the saying goes, “if you know, you know”.

At DiagnoseMe, we are bringing personalized treatments directly to you from the convenience of your home or office. You can now prevent cancers and delay the onset of conditions that come with ageing like dementia, so that you can enjoy a quality life with your friends and loved ones.

Whatever your healthcare needs – complex disease diagnosis, access to leading specialists around the world, access to leading hospitals in Africa and abroad – create a free account and ask your doctor to use DiagnoseMe.Africa or call 0700-DIAGNOSEME.

We offer 300+ difficult-to-access and highly sophisticated diagnostic tests. Ask your doctor to use DiagnoseMe for Providers or call us on 0700-DIAGNOSEME.

Start using DiagnoseMe today!

What you get.

Access to 300+ specialist tests performed in leading CLIA-certified laboratories globally. Access to thousands of US and EU based specialists and genetic counselors.
Improved diagnostics & treatments

Ask your doctor to use DiagnoseMe or call our patient hotline 0700-DIAGNOSEME.

Care co-ordination

Get access to the leading specialists in Nigeria and our network of US and Europe based specialists.

Your own personalized health portal

Take control of your health and keep your health data.

Provider portal

Your free personalized patient portal.

  • Find doctors and request for consultation
  • Communicate with your doctor via messaging (E-consolations)
  • Communicate with your doctor via video conference (Telemedicine) – coming soon
  • Request for second opinions
  • Manage your health records and access them from anywhere in the world
  • Secure cloud storage with encryption and de-identification of data using HIPAA Safe Harbor™
  • Schedule appointments with your doctor
  • Payments
  • … and more

How it works.

We have made it easy to order specialist tests and receive results. No more hassles.
Create Account

Create a patient account on DiagnoseMe patient portal.

Order Tests

Order and pay for tests in test section of account.

Sample Pick-up

DiagnoseMe will deliver and pick up tests (in some geographies, patients may have to go to one of our partner locations).


Diagnostic Experts analyze your samples in one of our CLIA-certified laboratories.

Receive Results

You will receive a prompt notifying you that the test result is ready and you can view it on your secure patient portal account.

Patient Services.

We understand that care requirements differ and that certain procedures can’t be performed in some countries. At DiagnoseMe, your care needs don’t stop at genetic and diagnostic tests. We offer a number of care related services providing you a wholesome and less-burdensome patient experience.

Access to the leading specialists in Nigeria, Europe, and US, ensuring that you get the best care that is possible to receive.

Access to the highest quality clinics and hospitals in Africa and abroad to improve the success of procedures you need to undertake.

Connect with doctors conveniently from your phone or computer to receive on-demand care.

Get assistance organizing flights, accommodation, aftercare and more.

The promise of genetics.

At DiagnoseMe we are leveraging partnerships and access to cutting edge technology to improve the lives of the more than 1 billion Africans today and in the future. Some of the areas we do this include
Precision Medicine

DiagnoseMe is providing doctors in Africa with tools that improve precision medicine to target today’s most burdensome diseases.


DiagnoseMe aims to collaborate with global leading institutions to make meaningful discoveries that impact all races and Africans in particular.

Drug Discovery

DiagnoseMe aims to collaborate with drug manufacturers and leading global research institutions that seek to develop medicines for diseases that target Africans.

Why test with us?

It's not so much testing with us as it is testing through us. Your patients are yours, we just facilitate the process and eliminate all hassle. What you will always get with DiagnoseMe for Patients is optimal quality, experience, and an excellent customer experience!

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Genetic testing platform in Africa.


Years of experience providing genetic services.


Specialists and Genetic Counsellors in Europe, US and Africa.


Tests performed by our partner labs yearly.