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Healthcare in Africa has never been better as you can now provide precision diagnostics to your patients. You do not need to refer them abroad for tests anymore. We have it all here.

Create a free Provider account and order 300+ specialist tests across a range of conditions including: cancers, autoimmune and hormonal disorders, viral and bacterial infections, vitamin deficiencies, allergies, genetic disorders, and more.

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We offer 300+ difficult-to-access diagnostic tests and referral services within and outside Africa. Login to your Free Provider Portal Account to order tests or call us on 0700-DIAGNOSEME

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What you get.

Access to 300+ specialist tests performed in leading CLIA-certified laboratories globally. Access to thousands of US and EU based specialists and genetic counselors.
Improved diagnostics & treatments

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Care co-ordination

Connect with a network of other doctors and specialists in Nigeria and abroad. Easily refer patients and get second opinions.

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How it works.

We have made it easy to order specialist tests and receive results. No more hassles.
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Sample Pick-up

DiagnoseMe will pick up tests (in some geographies, providers may take tests to partner locations).


Diagnostic Experts analyze your samples in one of our CLIA-certified laboratories.

Receive Results

You will receive a prompt notifying you that the test result is ready and you can view it on your secure provider portal account.

Featured Tests.

Our free doctor portal contains the most innovative tests anywhere in the world. Improve your patients’ experience and save costs while also getting to the route of their ailments.
Liquid Biopsy

Using circulating tumor cells and tumor DNA technology, detect cancer, determine drug resistance and monitor response to therapy from a simple blood draw. This holds many advantages over conventional tissue biopsy which is typically more expensive, painful, more invasive, and is potentially risky to the patient.


Determine your patients lifelong compatibility to individual drugs, reduce side effects and adverse drug response by knowing which drugs to avoid prescribing to specific patients, and improve the chances of positive therapeutic response in your patients. Available for antidiabetic drugs, analgesics, antibiotics, psychotropics, proton pump inhibitors and more.


You can now offer miscarriage risk-free, Non-invasive Prenatal Test(NIPT) from as early as 10 weeks of gestation, to your patients as the mother’s blood sample is all that’s required. NIPT reduces the risk of false positives to less than 0.1% compared to 5% using conventional amniocentesis and CVS. And is cheaper too.


Hepatitis is probably the most prevalent infectious disease in Nigeria with hepatitis B and C affecting a combined 30 million people, many of which are asymptomatic. You can now offer all hepatitis molecular tests including HBsAg quantification, HBV DNA and HCV RNA viral load, HCV antiviral resistance, hepatitis B drug resistance, and more.

The promise of genetics.

At DiagnoseMe we are leveraging partnerships and access to cutting edge technology to improve the lives of the more than 1 billion Africans today and in the future. Some of the areas we do this include
Precision Medicine

DiagnoseMe is providing doctors in Africa with tools that improve precision medicine to target today’s most burdensome diseases.


DiagnoseMe aims to collaborate with global leading institutions to make meaningful discoveries that impact all races and Africans in particular.

Drug Discovery

DiagnoseMe aims to collaborate with drug manufacturers and leading global research institutions that seek to develop medicines for diseases that target Africans.

Why test with us?

It's not so much testing with us as it is testing through us. Your patients are yours, we just facilitate the process and eliminate all hassle. What you will always get with DiagnoseMe for Providers is optimal quality, experience, and an excellent customer experience!

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Years of experience providing genetic services.


Specialists and Genetic Counsellors in Europe, US and Africa.


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