Paternity Test

₦ 80,500

Paternity test checks for biological relationship between a Man and a child.

Paternity test checks using DNA to know if two individuals are biological parent and child. It is a way of establishing identity and it can be used in different ways, such as establishing paternity, maternity and/or to check if twins are fraternal or identical. Hence, paternity test is not limited to babies; it is for anyone who wants to establish identity.

Test Description

Our paternity test is painless, fast and accurate. All that is required is a saliva sample from the child and the adult. The reference sample is analyzed to create an individual DNA profile which is then compared to determine whether there is a genetic match.

Why Get Tested

A paternity test is important; it can be a factor in making critical life decisions (relationships, marriage, finances and well-being) for you and your baby. A paternity test can also help establish medical histories, because genes play a significant role in one’s health. It is essential to know both biological parents’ medical histories as it can be a critical factor in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases. Other benefits include inheritance settlements, surrogate parent confirmation, life insurance, forensics concerns, etc.

Sample type

This test requires a saliva sample. The saliva sample can be collected at one of our partner locations or at home using our sample collection kit