Honey Bee Family Allergy

₦ 11,500

Honey Bee Family Allergy Test checks if an individual is allergic to the sting of a honey bee.

Allergies are damaging immune responses by the body to otherwise harmless substances. The body considers these substances to be foreign and produces antibodies that attack these substances. 

Different people develop allergies for different substances ranging from dust, pollen animals and food.

Why Get Tested

The severities of allergies vary from person to person and range from minor irritations to anaphylaxis (shock) -- a potentially life-threatening emergency. It is important to identify allergic reactions, to allow for early treatment and avoid life-threatening situations

While getting stung by a honey bee is unpleasant for everyone, certain individuals have a heightened and in some cases, life threatening reaction to being stung.

Sample type

This test requires a blood sample The blood sample can be collected at one of our partner locations or at home using our on-demand sample collection service.