Adult Allergy Test

₦ 50,000

Our Adult allergy test detects antibodies that indicate allergic reactions to any of the following in adults:

Peanut (Groundnut)

Soya bean

Egg white







Allergies are damaging immune responses by the body to otherwise harmless substances that it considers to be foreign, it produces antibodies that attack these substances triggering a reaction in anyone sensitive to it.

Different people develop allergies for different substances ranging from dust, pollen animals and food, insect sting, mold, medications, latex, etc. This substance is known as an allergen.

Why Get Tested

Most people don’t know that they are allergic to certain allergens until they have had an allergic episode, which could be mild irritations or life threatening anaphylaxis reaction. Allergic reactions can occur at any time and any age. 

It is important to identify allergic reactions, to allow for early treatment and avoid life-threatening situations.

Sample type

This test requires a blood sample and we come to you to collect.